BBSkope System is a medical technology solution that was developed for newborns and their families to  strengthen the link and increase the bond between the newborn and his parents and family  in and outside of the hospital under the control of the healthcare professional team.

BBSkope System uses the latest digital technology and know how in the development of both the software and the hardware part of the solution to ensure:

Real-time visualization of the newborn after birth in case of Neonatal emergency

BBSkope System is a vision-based new born monitoring platform that provides insights to support healthcare professionals in ther day to day care and to intervene proactively and efficiently in any given medical situation.

Newborn continuous care management

BBSkope system is the first innovative product that incorporates a SaaS solution that measures new borns vital signs and provide location and activity based alerts to car givers.

Improvement of medical transfer to the neonatal intensive care units (NICU)

BBSkope system also delivers a secure on demand video feed for both healthcare professionals and parents.

BBSkope System